Ecole Hôtelière de Dinard

Bertrand Larcher graduates from the Hotel School in Dinard.

Geneva, Switzerland

Bertrand Larcher begins catering in Geneva, Switzerland.

Arrival in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Bertrand Larcher and his wife settle in Tokyo’s Kagurazaka neighborhood. Its famously steep streets retain the soul and character of the shotengai, the traditional shopping area adjacent to train stations across Japan. Shotengai are very popular both among the French community in Japan and the fashionable crowd in the Japanese capital.

Le Bretagne, the First Crêperie in Japan

Bertrand Larcher opens the first crêperie in Japan, Le Bretagne, in the Kagurazaka neighborhood of Tokyo.

Le Bretagne in Omotesando

Tokyo's Champs-Elysées" gets its own crêperie. Omotesando is Tokyo's most elegant boulevard. Its wide, airy, tree-lined pedestrian thoroughfare leads to Yoyogi Park, the "green lung" of the city.

First Crêperie in Brittany

Back to basics for Bertrand Larcher, who opened his first establishment in his hometown, Fougères: The Tivabro.

SOLD IN 2005

Yokohama & Kawasaki

Excellent crêpes do not belong to Tokyo alone. The metropolises of Yokohama and Kawasaki very quickly get their own BREIZH Cafés

Le Bretagne in Takashimaya – Shinjuku, Tokyo

Takashimaya Times Square, the largest department store in Japan, embraces its new crêperie.

BREIZH Café in Le Marais

Paris, at last! The exacting customers of the Marais henceforth lay claim to their own BREIZH Café crêperie

BREIZH Café in Nagoya

The opening of BREIZH Café in Nagoya.

BREIZH Café in Ginza

The opening of BREIZH Café in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district.

Fooding d'Honneur

Bertrand Larcher receives the Fooding Guide’s Special Honor Award, recognizing his restaurants in France and Japan.

La Table BREIZH Café

A new challenge: a Japanese restaurant in Cancale that marries the sensibility of chef Raphaël-Fumio Kudaka and the unique tastes of Brittany. The restaurant quickly lands a Michelin star.

Le Comptoir BREIZH Café in Saint-Malo

The 11th BREIZH Café opens in Saint-Malo, Le Comptoir BREIZH Café, a combination crêperie and cider bar.

First Cider Bar in Tokyo

Kagurazaka is still thirsty. Bertrand Larcher opens a cider bar here, offering a table of succulent Breton foods to complement the drinks.

Kyoto & Okayama

BREIZH Café opens two new restaurants, in Kyoto and Okayama.

L'Atelier de la Crêpe at Saint-Malo

The début of a partnership between BREIZH Café and l’Atelier de la Crêpe, The Crêpe Workshop.
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